The Lament of the Vanishing Game

It's happened to other media and it's happening to games.

It’s happened to other media and it’s happening to games.

The Lament of the Vanishing Game

Not every article of media gets properly preserved. There are all sorts of movies , TV shows , and books thought to be gone forever. If we are fortunate, they may be rediscovered, but it’s unlikely. But what about video game preservation?

One can copy electronic data infinitely, which should make storage and distribution of video games an easy thing, especially for older games whose file sizes are tiny by modern standards. Yet a game can have proprietary hardware that makes it difficult or impossible to emulate, or it may have had an extremely limited run, or it may have an online-only component that will cease to exist in the future. This last point is my main area of concern.

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Calculords Owns

Yeah it's from Google Image Search. Anyone know of a good Android screenshot-taking program?

Yeah it’s from Google Image Search. Anyone know of a good Android screenshot-taking program?

Calculords Owns

Seanbaby has been my favorite writer since I first saw his website in 1997. His x-treme writing style has been a gigantic influence on mine, and his video game reviews are always hysterical. I think his two articles making fun of Mark Discordia are the funniest things I’ve seen in my life, the kind of stuff I’ve injured myself laughing at. So when I heard that he was making a game, it was a guaranteed purchase for me. Yes, even if it sucked. Good thing it doesn’t.

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Darkest Dungeon Beta Review

Darkest Dungeon

Pic taken from the Steam page because I can’t be bothered to take a screenshot right now.

Darkest Dungeon Beta Review

Yes, it’s another Roguelike-like. I don’t care if you’re sick of them, because I probably never will be. Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawler inspired by the legions of Roguelikes, and is nearly as brutal. It achieves this through extreme difficulty, a constantly high body count on your team, and the psychological terror it inflicts upon your heroes. This version is incomplete, but the sturdy skeleton of a great game is there.

When people call Darkest Dungeon a Roguelike, it’s a misnomer because although there is permadeath and mostly randomly-generated dungeons, the dungeons themselves are for the most part linear, and you can even use a scouting skill to show what’s up ahead. Darkest Dungeon has a definite inspiration from the dungeon crawlers of old, but it is a different thing in itself.

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Risk of Rain

risk_of_rain_colossus Risk of Rain

Roguelike-likes have swiftly become my favorite video game genre, outclassing politically trendy walking simulators and self-flagellation platformers by a long shot. There is randomness, but in a good Roguelike or Roguelike-like (we’ve got to find a better word for this genre) it is tempered by the requring of a large amount of technical skill, a knowledge of the items/levels/etc., and an understanding of the process by which the game’s content is delivered. Risk of Rain succeeds admirably.

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Probably updating next week

I know I just came back from a despair-fueled six month hiatus, but my father passed away yesterday and I’m traveling back to Iowa to visit my family. He always gave me encouragement and looked up video game stuff for me to write about even though the only game he cared about was Pong. Updates will probably resume next week. Thank you, dear readers, for your patience.

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A Review of "Masters of Doom"

doom_on_digital_camera A Review of Masters of Doom

Doom was a legendarily great game that will be remembered until the MayanNazis initiate the Obamocalpyse of 2023 and at last exterminate humanity, but you don’t need me to repeat the praises that have been heralded for two decades already. This is a review of a book. Continue reading

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth — GOTY 2014

  the_binding_of_isaac_gameplay01 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth — GOTY 2014

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is everything I could have hoped for. I wrote two articles in 2012 and 2013 about how much I loved the original and its expansion, so I spent much of 2014 anticipating this remake. I was not disappointed.

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Shovel Knight: Actually as Good as People Say It Is


I took a few hits to get a better screenshot. I promise.

Shovel Knight : Actually as Good as People Say It Is

Shovel Knight gets it. It doesn’t follow the cargo cult routine of indie games who use sprite-based graphics instead of good game design; it groks its favorite NES games but also aims to improve on them instead of miring in dead memories.

You know how I’m always griping about phony indie games that pander to lazy nostalgia instead of living on their own merits? Unlike most indie game creators that claim their work is “8-bit” and “retro”, Shovel Knight ’s team poured their souls into their game’s creation. It is clearly inspired by the later NES games, especially Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse and the second through sixth Mega Man entries. Instead of making the game look like a jittery Commodore 64 reject and calling it good, Yacht Club Games went out of their way to recreate the look of an NES game but also made it play much like one. This alone would make Shovel Knight noteworthy, but the game itself is also a blast from start to finish.

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Evo 2014

There will be no article this weekend. I will be watching the Evolution fighting game tournament for several days and complaining about the results on Twitter . There’s one benefit to being unemployed!

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Thoughts on Nintendo as a Brand

nintendo_cereal Thoughts on Nintendo as a Brand

I read this article recently, and the confused LA Times article it draws upon. These two articles (despite their flaws) bring up some interesting concepts that I think are worth exploring in more detail.

We all know it: Nintendo games aren’t like other games. There’s something about the games Nintendo publishes that makes them stand apart from the rest of the industry. It’s not just the visuals or the different franchises — there’s just something about Nintendo games that makes them special, something you can’t always put your finger on.

— John Kinsley

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