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The Diablo 3 Beta

When the first trailers and screenshots came out a couple years ago, internet whiners went into petulant rage at the supposed brightness and light-heartedness of the game’s aesthetics, which apparently reminded them that they were children. Of course, as usual, … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade: An Analysis

I wrote this article for the intent of creating worthwhile criticism of what is probably the most popular webcomic in existence–gaming or otherwise. I realize that gamers already know everything I’m about to say and non-gamers probably won’t care. People … Continue reading

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ZZT is a PC game created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney, one of the founders of Epic Games (Yes, the same Epic Games that would later go on to make Unreal and the hugely successful and bloated Gears of War … Continue reading

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Ten Overrated Games That Everyone Says Are Underrated

This deserves a bit of explanation. Throughout the internet you can see top 10 lists of anything, and–a particularly popular subject–lists of video games. A common theme is lists of underrated games: those that are undeservedly overlooked or looked down … Continue reading

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The Downfall of the Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a boring and frustrating game riddled with stupid waggle controls, endless fetch quests, braindead backtracking used to pad out the game’s length, excessive hand-holding and never-ending cutscenes that a woodchuck could write. The … Continue reading

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League of Legends Bingo

I made this on a whim last night. I am not bitter.

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Video Game Speedruns

A speedrun is an undertaking wherein someone plays a game with the intent of finishing it either as quickly as possible or as completely as possible. Speedruns are not battles of wits and skill between two human players but tests … Continue reading

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The Punch-Out!! Series

The Punch-Out!! series (Yes, you’re supposed to include two exclamation marks) is a collection of puzzle games with the aesthetic of stylized boxing matches. In every game of the series, you play a scrawny underdog that is pitted against gargantuan … Continue reading

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Half-Life: Best Game Ever Made?

Half-Life is a 1998 first-person shooter video game from Valve. It was their first game, and a highly ambitious one at that. It avoids the (Even in the 90s) omnipresent video game cliché of grunting space marines blowing up aliens … Continue reading

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