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A Review of the Open Pandora Handheld Gaming Thing

I first ordered the Open Pandora in November of 2009 and I just got it last week. The creators of this handheld video gaming device have faced some powerful setbacks in their quest to provide a flexible portable gaming device, … Continue reading

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Bad Reviews

As a writer about video games, I’m obligated to look at the works of others in my field. And they are found wanting. I never get tired of pointing out how corrupt and worthless the mainstream video game sites are. … Continue reading

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Revisiting League of Legends

Despite what the title may imply, I’m not actually revisiting League of Legends, I simply haven’t stopped playing it. The game is interesting enough to deserve another article, though. There is a lot of minutiae I didn’t cover before, and … Continue reading

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Faxanadu – Let Us Meditate Together

Faxanadu is a 1987 side-scrolling action game by Hudson and Falcom. It has equipment, magic, and level-grinding elements to differentiate it from the rest of the pack, not to mention a powerful aesthetic. Faxanadu offers a great labyrinth to explore, … Continue reading

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10 Irritating Video Game Memes I Never Want to Hear Again

In roughly chronological order: “Our princess is in another castle!” A reference to Super Mario Bros. The kind of person who quotes this typically wants to be recognized for being a quirky unconventional nonconformist for knowing about a game that … Continue reading

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Dragon Breed owns.

Dragon Breed is a 1989 shoot-em-up by Irem. What separates Dragon Breed from others of its genre is the indestructible dragon that the protagonist rides. It is the human mounted on his head that you need to protect; the dragon … Continue reading

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Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Legend of Zelda 2 Are Underrated.

For all of my griping about Nintendo, they used to make some brilliant games. So why have they cast them aside to cheaply and easily cater to the nostalgia/casual crowd? Of course, the answer is obvious: Would you rather your … Continue reading

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SMBC owns.

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Revolutionary Games That Aren’t That Fun to Play

Years ago, I had a mild debate with an acquaintance on a message board about the quality of various punk rock bands. I argued (and still believe) that the much-lauded Sex Pistols are a dull, talentless boy band that were … Continue reading

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The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is a Roguelike/dungeon crawler by the creator of well-acclaimed Super Meat Boy, one that is heavily influenced by the first Legend of Zelda. It contains themes of abortion, child abuse, hell, and nauseating bodily fluids. It’s … Continue reading

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