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Ys Origin: Good, Not Great

I’m not the type to buy something just because someone spilled anime all over it. Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed the Ys series. My favorite in particular was Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys, primarily due to its unimaginably powerful soundtrack. So … Continue reading

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Ramblings: On Control

Unskippable cutscenes, bad escort missions, and most prison sequences all have one thing in common: They take control away from the player and put it in the hands of a RNG or plain old boredom and repetition. This should not … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for Penelope

My niece Penelope needs your help to attend a school for children with autism. If you donate to her cause, my brother Mike Laughead (Whom you may recognize as the creator of my title image) will draw a caricature of … Continue reading

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A Review of Fatshark’s Krater

Krater is a 2012 PC game by Fatshark. It’s a cross between Baldur’s Gate and Borderlands (Borderlands itself being a cross between Diablo 2 and Fallout 3). I bought this game because the guy from Penny Arcade mentioned it. Yes, I’m … Continue reading

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A Review of the Indie Royale “June Bug Bundle”

Indie Royale is a collection of indie games offered for a low price. That low price goes up the more people purchase it but goes down for others if you donate more than the minimum. If that sounds like a copy … Continue reading

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Eric Chahi’s From Dust

Eric Chahi is the genius who single-handedly created 1991’s Out of this World (Also known as Another World if you’re some kinda European commie), one of the greatest games in history. But what’s he been up to lately? From Dust … Continue reading

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Sonic Generations is Somehow Not Horrible

There’s a game you can play. Go to Google and type “[your name] the hedgehog” and see what kind of awful Sonic fanart you can dig up that will have your name on it. It’s a blast. Whenever I think … Continue reading

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Video Game Vocabulary List Added to Site

In lieu of a regular article I am announcing a new feature on this website. I’ve been working on this guide to video game vocabulary for awhile and though it’s nowhere near complete and probably never will be, I will … Continue reading

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