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Mother 3

Spoilers and all that. Mother 3 is a weird JRPG. I didn’t say funny, I said weird. Everything in the Mother series is awkward and slightly unsettling and sometimes humorous—but always weird. Many elements draw upon real-world geography, history, and … Continue reading

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Your Video Game List Does in Fact Blow

It’s odd of me to write a response to something without babbling about how the original author is an idiot. But occasionally I see something like this, something which makes me agree entirely with its conclusion. Michael Lowell’s need for … Continue reading

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Batman: Arkham City is Not Game of the Year

Batman is the ultimate liberal. Guns are bad, you see, so why can’t poor people just get ten years of ninja and detective training then buy a half-billion-dollar armored suit and matching custom jet and tank in order to fight … Continue reading

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Supply and Demand: What People Want, How Appstores Got It to Them, and Why (Almost) Everybody Wins

Guest article by Erik Harmon ********** I used to be a gamer. A big-time gamer. How could I not be? I was born at just the right time to be inducted into the second golden age of video games, that … Continue reading

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10 Pieces of Literature that I Attempt to Create Game Proposals For

There were Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Tom Sawyer games for the NES. Parasite Eve for the PlayStation was based on a novel. Someone relatively recently made a NES-like game out of The Great Gatsby. So here are … Continue reading

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10 Video Game Memes I Actually Like

A companion article to 10 Irritating Video Game Memes I Never Want to Hear Again, I present the opposite, in roughly chronological order. I love the Power Glove (It’s so bad) The Wizard was a 1989 commercial for Super Mario … Continue reading

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A (Very) Short History of Text Adventure Games

Text adventures (Also known as interactive fiction) were a product of the mid 1970s, beginning with William Crowther’s Adventure (Sometimes called Colossal Cave Adventure or ADVENT). Restricted by relatively primitive computer technology, on-screen graphics were not really feasible. The solution? … Continue reading

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Street Fighter X Tekken: Why Capcom Has Lost It

Crossover games, especially fighting game crossovers, are decent money right now. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sold quite well, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Capcom vs. SNK 2 are still played at tournaments, and not to mention the perplexing existence of … Continue reading

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