Three League of Legends Champions that Riot Should Make

There are some roles in League of Legends that are seriously underrepresented. The game needs more assassins, more tanks, and especially more supports; fewer AP mids and tanky DPS champions. We have tons of those already, especially in recent months. Yeah, I know very well that they’re in the business of giving the players exactly what the majority of them ask for so they can make a profit and stay in business, but throw us weirdos a bone once in awhile. Anything that shakes up the stale metagame is cool with me.

So here are a couple ideas for champions that I thought up. There might be something horribly wrong with them that I’m not aware of, but from my perspective I could imagine my dream champions fitting into the game perfectly well. Each provides interesting roles and new abilities without being overpowered game-breakers. Some of their skills are obviously copied from existing characters, but I think there is enough new stuff to make these characters valuable.

Riot, if you think this article is noteworthy, you have my permission to swipe any of these ideas without giving me credit for them. Or you could make me CEO. Whichever.


Padovano, the King of All Trades

Type: Melee, fighter, pusher

Passive: Ameliorate. Padovano gains 7/15/25 health regeneration per 5 seconds (Increases with level).

Q: Waft of Daggers. Padovano throws 2/3/4/5/6 daggers in a cone at 500 range, dealing physical damage and a bit of magical bleeding damage.

W: Pummel. Padovano’s next basic attack does additional damage and stuns the target for 1 second. The extra damage affects turrets.

E: Glimmer. Flashes Padovano to the mouse cursor. 350 range. If targeted on an enemy champion, he appears behind them and slows their movement speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds. Long cooldown, move speed reduction increases and cooldown decreases with level.

R: Spiritus Mundi. Padovano freezes the movement and processes of all around him (Range 1500) for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Enemy and allied champions, pets, minions, and turrets are stopped in time as if they used Zhonya’s Hourglass, except Padovano can harm them. During this time, Padovano gains a little armor and magic penetration and can move freely.


Explanation: Not a Jack. A King. I want more characters like Gangplank and Pantheon who are mostly melee fighters but have one long-ranged attack for harassment and utility. That’s a level of versatility that I appreciate. Padovano’s passive health regen gives him sustainability in the laning phase combined with his Daggers for poking allow him to compete with other popular bruisers and top laners. I hate to sound like Phreak, but he could make a good jungler as well. Give him Spirit Visage and Warmog’s Armor and he can last for days, even in teamfights. His Glimmer and his ultimate let him move freely and assassinate or push turrets, whatever is necessary at the time.


Gaspar, the Amiable Poltergeist

Type: Support, ranged, mage

Passive: Anchoring. Gaspar is a disembodied spirit who follows his allies. He can’t move on his own, but must Yoke himself to a host. When Yoked, he can move up to 400 units away from his host, ignoring unit collision and obstacles. If his host dies or the two are separated for any reason, Gaspar loses control of his movement and starts running back to his base’s fountain. During this time, he can use his abilities and auto-attack as normal, but this will only slow him down as he flees back to his base.

Q: Yoke. Gaspar attaches himself to an allied champion, turret, inhibitor, or nexus and grants them 15% bonus move speed and a shield for 2 seconds. Range 1000. Gaspar starts with one point in Yoke in addition to his normal level 1 skill point. More points placed in Yoke reduce the cooldown and increase the amount of damage absorbed by the shield.

W: Ectoplasm. Fills the area surrounding Gaspar’s host (Or Gaspar himself, if he’s not Yoked) with a strange spiritual substance that deals a small amount of magic damage and reduces enemy move speed and attack speed for 1 second. More points placed in Ectoplasm increase the damage and move speed/attack speed reduction.

E: Conflagration. Gaspar fires a gout of ghostly flame at 800 range, dealing magic damage and revealing any units it touches. A skillshot, and can go outside the range of his host.

R: Séance/Detonate. Gaspar detaches himself from his host and can move freely as a normal champion for 8/10/12 seconds. During this time he gains 20% increased move speed and can use Detonate, which is an AOE damage scaling off of AP that stuns whoever it hits for .75 seconds. When Séance runs out, Gaspar moves back to his most recent host if they are still alive, or base if they aren’t.


Explanation: I love playing support. Gaspar is a super gimmicky support, but he’d be a blast to play. Build him aura-heavy with Shurelya’s Reverie, Aegis of the Legion, and Will of the Ancients and have a super strong sustain with a partner in lane. Or build him pure ability power and rock faces with his burst potential. Use him as a scout to look over walls and fire his Conflagration to detect enemies hiding in bushes or fighting Baron Nashor. And in a pinch, he can Yoke to a turret or inhibitor to protect from enemy assaults on his base. Get Teleport and Heal for maximum sustain and defense.


Farrokh Bulsara, the Brash Barber

Type: Melee, assassin

Passive: Spry. Farrokh gains additional attack damage based on his attack speed.

Q: Ruckus. Farrokh dashes to an enemy champion (Range 400) and roots them in place for 1 second. Any units he passes along the way take magic damage and are rooted for .5 seconds.

W: Derangement. Passive: Farrokh’s basic attacks do additional magic damage. Active: Farrokh gains life steal and spell vamp for 5 seconds. All effects increase with level.

E: Lunacy. Increases Farrokh’s movement speed for 5 seconds based on his attack speed.

R: Delirium. Farrokh gains dramatically increased attack speed and damage but cannot use other abilities for 4/5/6 seconds.


Explanation: There aren’t any characters designed for attack speed and on-hit builds. There are all sorts of potentially cool items like Wit’s End, Executioner’s Blade, and Madred’s Bloodrazor that have fun on-hit effects, but except for Wit’s End they’re generally inferior to other similar items that offer raw attack damage. Farrokh should have the highest starting attack speed in the game, making him a unique choice for using the aforementioned items. Unlike other attack speed champs like Evelynn, Twitch, and Teemo, he has no stealth, so positioning is even more important. But he can be deadly and he’s good at killing turrets. His Ruckus lets him assassinate and helps clear minion waves. With his ultimate up, he is a crazy fast and murderous with all of his buffs activated, but he’s still a bit squishy.

Oh, and he’s the “barber” because he cuts a lot.


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  1. Zane says:

    you should do another sequel to the “3 new LoL charterers Riot needs to make” series.

  2. Zane says:

    also is that a picture of Dio for padovano

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