An Actually Good Lord of the Rings Game!

I’ve actually played this. It was unbelievably gruesome with its critical hit tables and filled with black humor unlike Tolkien’s style, but I’d still rather play it than Lego Lord of the Rings.

This is going to be an unconventional article. My site isn’t a parenting blog and I usually have no patience for the wacky antics of children, but I thought it was hilarious that my ten year old nephew could write a better article than many professionals in this industry. I have included pictures I took of his original writing (which will undoubtedly be housed in a museum behind bulletproof glass within twenty years) as well as a transcription. I have no idea if I’ll ever do something like this again, but it’s great that a child can write more lucidly than anyone on GameSpot and come up with a more creative Lord of the Rings concept than EA Games, who have gigantic amounts of money and talent to fuel their products. Here’s Zane.


Hi, I’m Lee’s nephew and I also play a ton of video games. I have a good idea for an actually good Lord of the Rings game. You would get to be a new member of the Fellowship. You get to choose your race (human, hobbit, dwarf, elf, or half elven). You choose a class (warrior, tank, scout, companion, wizard, or ring bearer). And you choose a weapon (bow, crossbow, sword, axe, staff, and/or shield). You choose a past (veteran, hunter, loremaster, or survivor). And last choose a oath (Frodo and Sam; Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli; or Merry and Pippin).

It has movie scenes but not as many as in the games from EA Games. Then to the playing; it’s kind of like Fallout and Skyrim but you have a map like in Minecraft. The point of the game is to kill, pillage, and quest. Something better in this is side quests and dream quests. The side quests are linked to the journey. In dream quests you can’t die but if you do you wake up; the only dream quest that isn’t a survival match is when you are Gandalf during Frodo’s dream because you ask him about it afterwards.

The thing in this game is you can drop in at any point in any quest of the three paths. Back to the three paths; you would have a choice of 2 modes: the recommended one (all the way through) or the one for skilled people (pinpoint). I bet you can guess what all the way is? But pinpoint is where you can pick where you go at any time, in all the way through you get special skills such as maybe hawk eyes. You also get special skills for your race like fishing. There are many ideas for games but I like Lord of the Rings. If you choose a different path you get different side quests.

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7 Responses to An Actually Good Lord of the Rings Game!

  1. I am totally biased because the author is also my nephew, but this is awesome. Really really awesome. Because isn’t this what everyone wants from Lord of the Rings? To be in the Fellowship? Just making the game about a new character in the Fellowship is an awesome idea.

  2. Corry says:

    I’m only playing if I get to be a ring wraith! WHY CAN’T I BE A RING WRAITH???

  3. Eowyn says:

    that sounds freakin’ awesome!! :'( I just found this article while looking to see if there are any good lotr video games. I found none. WHYYY?? Lotr is so successful, I understand that there’s copyright and all that but just buy it, I’d buy the crap out of a good lotr video game. Okay, rant over.

  4. Dylan Brantley: Noble Dwarf Lord says:

    I hear you man. I don’t know when this was posted but I’ve been saying this for years. We should all dress up and march on the white house. Bethesda royally pissed me off by making Skyrim. everyones talking about it and no one even appreciates lord of the rings which is so much more decent. Soul Gems? No Dwarves?!! sigh.. tis but a dream

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