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A Short Guide to Spoiler Etiquette

A Short Guide to Spoiler Etiquette There are few things that white people hate more than spoilers. Finding out that Snape kills Chewbacca with the One Ring before reading it yourself in book seventy-eight of the Cash Cow Chronicles is … Continue reading

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The ESRB is Stupid

The ESRB is Stupid In an ideal world, parents would be responsible and would watch movies/play games/listen to music with their children so that they can accurately judge this media to determine if they are appropriate entertainment. But this is … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Loathing: A Snarky Browser-Based MMO for Snarky Nerds

Kingdom of Loathing: A Snarky Browser-Based MMO for Snarky Nerds Kingdom of Loathing is a parody MMO by Asymmetric Publications. It has run constantly since early 2003 until today. I first played Kingdom of Loathing in late 2005. Its addictive … Continue reading

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Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a Thoroughly Entertaining Experience

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a third-person action puzzle solving game, and an especially distinctive one at that. You use a laser to precisely cut through blocks to form stepping stones to get to … Continue reading

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Dream Games — A Berserk Game with the Dark Souls Engine

Berserk is the greatest comic book series ever made. It’s better than any superhero comic, better than any slice of life or coming of age comic, better than any surreal artsy comic. Berserk is the greatest of anything in the … Continue reading

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They Bleed Pixels Could Have Been Better

The word “pixel” in the title obviously refers to the jagged sprite art but is also a clear attempt to join jump the “retro” bandwagon (scare quotes intended) that permeates indie gaming. Games in the 1970s and 1980s never looked … Continue reading

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Crazygame.exe a very basic and extremely addictive game designed to test your gaming reflexes. You control a tiny spaceship in an asteroid field (and unlike real asteroid fields, there aren’t thousands of miles between obstacles) and fly around, dodging one-pixel … Continue reading

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A Review of Wreck-It Ralph

Nostalgia is a lying whore that tells you that entertainment used to be better, that the world wasn’t always a horrible place where the selfish and cruel get ahead in life, that the evil people you knew growing up weren’t … Continue reading

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Three League of Legends Tanks that Riot Should Make

League of Legends doesn’t have enough tanks. I realize that Riot is planning some more changes for the upcoming season 3, but League of Legends still needs more viable characters that aren’t assassins or AP mids. They need to mix … Continue reading

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