Three League of Legends Tanks that Riot Should Make

League of Legends doesn’t have enough tanks. I realize that Riot is planning some more changes for the upcoming season 3, but League of Legends still needs more viable characters that aren’t assassins or AP mids. They need to mix things up a bit. So here’s a few scattered concepts I had for some tank champions, all of which require teamwork to be effective. They also fill other niches (jungler, support, unnecessary celebrity cameos) that need some more love. These characters may end up being totally worthless or ridiculously overpowered, but I like them all the same.


Gretchen Fletcher, the Northerly Orderly

Type: Tank, Mage, Support, Melee.

Passive: Pars Adfectus. When a nearby ally kills an enemy minion, Gretchen gains gold equal to 30% of what the killer earned.

Q: Glacies Sarcina. Gretchen performs theurgy to soothe an allied champion, healing them and reducing the duration of CC used on them for the next 3 seconds.

W: Conturbo. Gretchen uses sorcery to confuse an enemy minion and cause it to attack its allies for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. Does not work on neutral monsters. 800 range.

E: Oculus Evello. Gretchen fires a peculiar bolt of power that deals magic damage, slows the target for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, and grants vision of them for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds. Long cooldown.

R: Aegresco. Gretchen deals magic damage and for the next 2 second weakens the enemy so that the duration of all negative effects on them is increased by 1 second. 700 range, 200 radius.

Explanation: Her passive will keep Gretchen relevant when paired with the standard ranged AD and protect her in case Riot ever gets rid of GP10 items. Her control over minions also gives her tons of damage increased utility during the laning phase as well as helping mitigate enemy super minions if her team is behind. Her ult does little damage but will absolutely murder an enemy team that has any CC on it already or is about to be hit with some. All this combined with her natural tankiness makes her an extremely powerful support, but one that can do nothing on her own. Her weakness is a complete lack of escapes and little CC on her own; all she has is a slow/vision granter on a long cooldown.


Knon Dotts, the Spastic Survivalist

Type: Tank, Jungle, Melee.

Passive: Live off the Land. Knon gains 15% lifesteal and 10% spellvamp against neutral monsters.

Q: Circle of Bones. Knon stomps the area surrounding him, dealing physical and magical damage and increasing his attack speed for the next 2 seconds.

W: Leap of Faith. Knon jumps to a chosen location, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies both on takeoff and landing. Skillshot, 600 range.

E: Worthwhile Forfeiture. Knon stuns all surrounding enemies in a 300 unit radius for 2 seconds and himself for 2.5 seconds.

R: Spiked Buttress. For 8/10/12 seconds, Knon’s physical attacks deal bonus damage that increases the more armor and magic defense his targets have.

Explanation: This ferocious mountain man will murder the jungle and get in some good ganks as well. His E is a big risk; it can potentially stun a whole enemy team or a gank victim, but he’ll make himself useless in the meantime. Knon has CC for days, and with his ult he can deal good damage to enemy tanks. His weakness would be low starting damage, attack speed, movement speed, and armor, and an underwhelming ult. If he doesn’t get blue buff all the time and build some tanky items, he’ll get blown up right away in team fights. Coordinate and make him a beast.


Anthony Ray, the Blast from the Swass

Type: Tank, Ranged (500 radius), Pusher, Carry.

Passive: Golgo’s Heir. Ray gains 5/10/15 increased attack range for every nearby enemy champion.

Q: Corrugated Battlements. Creates a shield around Ray that absorbs the next enemy physical attack within 3 seconds, healing him instead of receiving damage.

W: Weighty Repulsor. Ray knocks all enemies in a 350 unit radius away from him and deals physical damage.

E: Magnetic Miracle. Ray draws all enemies in a 350 unit radius towards him and reduces their attack speed by 20% for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

R: Bastion of Vehemence. For 6 seconds, Ray lowers his movement speed by 20% but increases his attack speed, attack damage, defense, magic resist by 20% each as well as gaining CC reduction.

Explanation: A ranged AD tankier than Graves? He sure is. Anthony can get right into the middle of an enemy team and blast away without getting instantly gibbed, though his damage output isn’t as good as other ranged ADs. Think of him as a beefy siege tank that can deal damage as well as take it, but needs help from allies to both get into position and to mop up the stragglers. His R is similar to Xerath’s Locus of Power except it doesn’t make him a sitting duck. His weakness is a lack of mobility and long-range area of effect attacks. He’s poor at clearing minion waves but he’s strong against single targets; Phreak would probably use him in the jungle. Build Boots of Swiftness and a Phantom Dancer (maybe two) on him right away to give him better movement speed and he will rip through his lane and enemy teams.

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