Crazygame.exe a very basic and extremely addictive game designed to test your gaming reflexes. You control a tiny spaceship in an asteroid field (and unlike real asteroid fields, there aren’t thousands of miles between obstacles) and fly around, dodging one-pixel rocks until you miss. Periodically it throws special waves of unique asteroids at you, which ups the difficulty level very quickly. There are practically no patterns; it’s all about your ability to instantly react to crap that pops up on your screen. Consider it decent training for shmups and fast-moving platformers.

This game is for the highly impatient, which is practically every gamer in these turbulent times. It requires very little memory and (most importantly) doesn’t bombard you with unskippable corporate logos on startup, making it ideal for lazily screwing around with. You can play it while your newest version of Firefox gives you “not responding” errors for thirty seconds before going back to normal, while on hold with tech support in Malaysia, or what-have-you. It’s quick and easy, like a time-wasting Windows game should be.

There’s some Japanese text but I have no clue what it says because I can’t copy-paste it into Google Translate. This guy clears up some of the confusion, but the game isn’t exactly complex, so it’s not a big deal. Everything about Crazygame.exe is immediately intuitive upon play, a symbol of good game design that crosses language barriers.

Many versions of Crazygame.exe get flagged by virus scanners for some reason, so here’s a clean upload for you to play. Go on, get into the Skinner Box and mash that lever. This game owns.


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  1. Thales says:

    Most I can get is right around the 75,ooo mark

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