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A Review of the Indie Royale “Mighty Bundle”

A Review of the Indie Royale “Mighty Bundle” Go to Indie Royale, get cool games for cheap. Let’s check them out. Waveform Another game from the Indie Royale that refused to let me take a screenshot. I even tried using … Continue reading

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We Need Another “The Lost Vikings” Game

We Need Another The Lost Vikings Game The Lost Vikings is a 1992 Super Nintendo game by Blizzard. Yes, that Blizzard. It is an action/puzzle game where you control three Norsemen through caves and spaceships. The challenge comes from applying … Continue reading

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Cancels This is a great explanation of a technique that seems so obvious to those with experience (I was raised on Street Fighter II) but may be baffling to those not already familiar with the concept. Chris Wagar has created … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Graphics

In Pursuit of Graphics Whenever a new generation of video game consoles (or a high-budget PC game looking for some publicity) emerges on the scene, the feature that always gets touted the most is its graphical capability. How many bits? … Continue reading

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What Steam Is; Why It’s a Good Thing

What Steam Is; Why It’s a Good Thing Steam is the extremely popular program created by Valve to sell and play games from a variety of developers. Its intended purpose is to facilitate the running of games and form a … Continue reading

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A Review of the Indie Royale “Debut Bundle”

You know the drill. Go to Indie Royale in the next three days, buy cheap rad games, support poor struggling game developers. Then keep going back for more because their service is great. Here’s my look at the most recent … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy IV DS

Guest article by Hamilton Clower ********** Final Fantasy IV DS Classic. A little over a decade ago, I was a starry-eyed high schooler, walking home across the Longfellow bridge, drunk on mental visions of Final Fantasy VII and probably a … Continue reading

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The 2012 Vidya Gaem Awards

4chan is a gigantic website for nerds posting nerdly things, including video games. Thanks to 4chan’s anonymity there are some cool things featured on it like vaguely reasonable debates with no pretension or fear of censorship, scans of old magazines … Continue reading

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A Review of the Indie Royale “Mash Bundle”

A Review of the Indie Royale “Mash Bundle” I love these little indie bundles. There’s like ten different ones and they keep having new packages every couple of weeks. Thanks to inflation and joining forces with Steam, video games are … Continue reading

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