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bingo_godz Bingo Godz

Not your ordinary game of online bingo

Entertaining game modes, a variety of in-game achievements, and big pot prizes are only some of the features of the pay-to-play online bingo game Bingo Godz. If you like the idea of playing the traditional 90-ball bingo in a stunning video game environment, then you’d definitely want to give this a try.

What separates Bingo Godz from the usual 90-ball bingo is that the games are played in a fun environment of six different worlds (levels). Just like in a video game, players must achieve certain requirements in order to go to the next level. As the players progress, the prize money gets bigger. The different worlds are made up of fantastically-designed artworks that include themes of Greek, Eastern, Egyptian, Norse, Tiki, and Space. To unlock them all, players must collect godz who appear on the screen at random times.

Big game bonuses
Aside from the ability to unlock different worlds, the godz also give great prizes when they appear. The awards range from free bingo tickets to a pot prize increase. As an added bonus, Bingo Godz makes it appealing to new players as they are awarded with free €150 game credits upon making their first deposit.

User functionality
Bingo Godz is very easy to play. It has a user-friendly interface and a tutorial set up to help newbies. Apart from being available for the PC, the game can also be enjoyed on devices operating on iOS and Android devices. It can also be accessed via Facebook so you can go social while enjoying rounds of bingo.

Side quests
If you want to take a break from playing 90-ball bingo, also offers online casino table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. In addition, it also has slots that include fan favorites from casinos all over the world such as Da Vinci Diamonds, Crown Egypt, Grand Monarch, and Kitty Glitter. All of these games are available on pay-to-play mode or demo if you’re just playing for fun.

Overall, Bingo Godz is a fresh twist that pays homage to the 500-year-old table game. It’s entertaining, addicting, and gives greast ease to players by being available on different platforms.

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