Birdy Tap: Flappy Bird is Trash; Get Over It


A familiar apparition…

Birdy Tap: Flappy Bird is Trash; Get Over It

Yes, I’m reviewing another one of these.

Why does Birdy Tap exist? The recent trend of Flappy Bird imitations is irritating but understandable. I know what it’s like to do something solely for money (see this article). The author even admits that Birdy Tap is an attempt to fill the gap left by people’s lust for that endlessly popular corridor runner game.

This particular copy is not even as creative than the first one I reviewed. Birdy Tap is effectively identical to the (ugh) original game that people still can’t shut up about. The bird moves forward automatically, you touch the screen to make it move up slightly and avoid the oncoming pipes. The graphics are clearly stolen from Flappy Bird (which themselves were mostly stolen from 1990’s Super Mario World) and the sparse gameplay is identical save for the angle at which the bird flaps. As a result of the latter, the game is significantly easier than Flappy Bird, turning an already bland endeavor into a totally banal one.

Birdy Tap is not unplayable; it does not assault the player’s senses with horribleness, nor are the controls terrible. Yet I’d still rather play something from Action 52, because there I’d be entertained by the badness. Birdy Tap lacks anything to separate itself from the hordes of other Flappy Bird ripoffs. If the author hadn’t commissioned me to write this review, I wouldn’t have known it existed beyond my continuing knowledge that popular things always have a host of imitators. But my review of Wild Kiwi wasn’t half as harsh because this game was copied wholesale from a flavor of the month without the tiniest attempt to improve it. Had Birdy Tap contained even a minor variation on this theme, it would have escaped most of my ire.

The appeal of Flappy Bird to casuals is that it is vastly more difficult than anything else they would play, yet is also simple enough that they don’t have to strain their thought processes. But there are so many more interesting corridor runners. Play Robot Unicorn Attack. Play Burrito Bison Revenge. There exist Atari 2600 shovelware games from over 30 years ago with more creativity and panache than Flappy Bird, let alone its impersonators. There are all sorts of casual games that offer more than this.

So if you want the “authentic” Flappy Bird experience, I recommend getting better taste in games. Failing that, at least Birdy Tap is a reasonable facsimile. But there is no twist on the gameplay, no innovation in the slightest. I’m not going out of my way to be rude here, but there is nothing appealing to this shameless cash-grab. Just because it’s on a much smaller scale than the callousness of EA or Microsoft doesn’t make it any less greedy and soulless. Birdy Tap is junk. I hope the author learns from his/her foolish ways and makes better games in the future.

Please, no more of these. I hunger for innovation.

Please, no more of these. I hunger for innovation.

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