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My name is Lee Laughead and I write about video games, music, politics, and fantasy. I like to keep everything compartmentalized, though, so this site is primarily about video games. I’ve worked previously as a cashier, plumber, starch dryer, bank phone rep, and data enter. I have a Bachelor of Science in English (emphasis in creative writing) from Brigham Young University – Idaho. I post on various self-publishing message boards trying to get my name out and trying to improve as a writer. I have two books available on Amazon Kindle: Anchored to the Flesh, a gruesome fantasy tale; and Meat , a crocodilian World War II story. Hope you enjoy my work.

Special thanks go to Erik Harmon for his proofreading and input on many of my articles.

If you’re interested in writing for this site (Not gonna bother with the "but you get free publicity" line; I have no money and few readers) or you’d like me to write for you (on the condition that I can say whatever I want about your products), or if you have any other feedback, please contact me here with your input. Thank you.


  1. Dear Lee:

    I love your Video Game Research. Me and my Dad are writing an eBook about Video Game Slang, Jargon and Terminology. We would like to have your permission to use your Blog for reference. We would make sure to add your website to the Bibliography page, and upon completion, we would e-mail you a free copy of the eBook!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Game ON!

  2. Hi Lee,

    You helped me with my UK check for USAA.

    I also have two books up on Amazon.

    1. Annals of the Keepers (sci-fi)
    2. Eagle Masters (fantasy)

    Let’s stay in touch.

  3. Street Lee

    Hi Lee, I’m interested in using your cop_pig_blood image for a book cover. Can you contact me with a price? Thanks Lee

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