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Lee Laughead writes stuff about video games. Read his Twitter at even though Twitter sucks.

Leviathan’s War

My new book is out. Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III I wrote two articles on the first Dark Souls game in 2012. I’ve become a better gamer and better writer since then, so I hope I can articulate why I enjoy this game. In this review, I … Continue reading

Metroidvania, Third-Person, This isn't just a video game this is ART you wouldn't understand it you plebian filth, Video Gaming

Flying, Hiding (short story)

Flying, Hiding Copyright 2016 Lee Laughead Chapter 1 “Meyna, for your first day of training, you need to light this candle,” Master Colican said. Meyna moved to get a flint and steel, but her master pushed her on the shoulder … Continue reading

Books and Short Stories, Not Video Gaming

Persona Q owns

Persona Q owns Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a 2014 dungeon crawler for the 3DS that combines the best aspects of the Persona and the Etrian Odyssey series. It’s a good game.

Animu, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, RPG or thereabouts, Video Gaming

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Sentinels of the Multiverse I played both the card game and the Android versions of this game. Though they have the exact same ruleset, they are different enough experiences for it to be worth noting. This review will cover both. … Continue reading

Android, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Indie Games That Don't Suck, Online Gaming, Puzzle, Video Gaming

Odallus: The Dark Call

Odallus: The Dark Call Odallus: The Dark Call is a 2015 2D action game by Joymasher. It is inspired by Castlevania III, Ghosts & Goblins, Rastan, and Faxanadu. It’s as good or better than the games that inspired it. OK, … Continue reading

Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Metroidvania, Platformer, Video Gaming

How to Fix MOBAs and How Blizzard Already Did It

How to Fix MOBAs and How Blizzard Already Did It Pictured: Average MOBA player Why are MOBA players such titantic pricks? MOBAs are still gigantically popular despite being frustrating to play and despite their objectively horrible communities. Somehow they manage … Continue reading

League of Legends, Online Gaming, Pay-to-Win, Video Gaming

A Review of The Final Specimen

A Review of The Final Specimen I received a free copy of this game in exchange for writing this review. It’s cool, though; I told the author that I would only accept it under the condition that I could badmouth … Continue reading

Commissioned, LEE YOU SOLD OUT I'M NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN, Platformer, Video Gaming

The Lament of the Vanishing Game

The Lament of the Vanishing Game Not every article of media gets properly preserved. There are all sorts of movies, TV shows, and books thought to be gone forever. If we are fortunate, they may be rediscovered, but it’s unlikely. … Continue reading

MMO, Online Gaming, Video Gaming

Calculords Owns

Calculords Owns Seanbaby has been my favorite writer since I first saw his website in 1997. His x-treme writing style has been a gigantic influence on mine, and his video game reviews are always hysterical. I think his two articles … Continue reading

Android, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Indie Games That Don't Suck, Strategy, Video Gaming