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Final Fantasy Tactics – Best Game Ever Made?

Final Fantasy Tactics – Best Game Ever Made? The true best Final Fantasy , the one that most people overlook, doesn’t even have a number. Made during Square’s creative renaissance in the late 90s, Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation … Continue reading

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance What’s with the name of this game? Revenge and vengeance mean the same thing, so why make a portmanteau that doesn’t carry any new significance? Kojima probably just thought it sounded cool. The Metal Gear Solid … Continue reading

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Fantasy Defense: Pneumonia Edition

Fantasy Defense : Pneumonia Edition While writing this article a couple weeks ago, I was under the impression that touchscreen controls were just terrible. A poor man’s mouse and keyboard. But there is one genre I’ve found they’re pretty good … Continue reading

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Fantasica: Soulless Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win Garbage

Fantasica : Soulless Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win Garbage Here’s a working business model: Take the proven success of the hamster wheel method of gaming (slow progression through tedious busywork), add timers to make players come back every day instead of spending … Continue reading

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Devil Survivor: The Best Megami Tensei

Ambivalent About this Series I played Revelations: Persona when it first came out in 1996. I didn’t enjoy it that much; it was far too obtuse and clunky though I enjoyed the concept of collecting monsters for use in combat … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Retsupuraes

The 10 Best Retsupuraes In 2007, Something Awful Forums user Slowbeef created the " Let’s Play ", a video (or a series of images with text) in which someone plays a video game and comments for the enjoyment of others. … Continue reading

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Dream Games — Attack on Titan

Edit: If you’re Googling this to find the Attack on Titan minigame, the link is here. Dream Games — Attack on Titan This article contains some moderate spoilers for the ongoing manga storyline. If you’re watching the animated series and … Continue reading

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A Review of the Indie Royale “Mighty Bundle”

A Review of the Indie Royale “Mighty Bundle” Go to Indie Royale , get cool games for cheap. Let’s check them out. Waveform Another game from the Indie Royale that refused to let me take a screenshot. I even tried … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy IV DS

Guest article by Hamilton Clower ********** Final Fantasy IV DS Classic. A little over a decade ago, I was a starry-eyed high schooler, walking home across the Longfellow bridge, drunk on mental visions of Final Fantasy VII and probably a … Continue reading

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The New JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game Is Going To Own

The New JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game Is Going To Own A lot of shounen series get turned into video games. It makes sense: they’re both popular and popular with children, have lots of characters and cheap violence that could easily … Continue reading

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