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Orion’s Gold – Capable iPad Arcade Action

Guest article by Erik Harmon. ———- Orion’s Gold – Capable iPad Arcade Action Platform: IOS (iPad only) Price: $0.99 USD In the interest of disclosure: this review was (minimally) compensated. I was supplied with a promo code so that … Continue reading

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How Mozilla and OTOY Have Made the PlayStation 4 Obsolete

How Mozilla and OTOY Have Made the PlayStation 4 Obsolete I am unreasonably wary of cloud systems, a process by which information is stored online in order to be more easily accessible to the users. It allows for greater flexibility, … Continue reading

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Supply and Demand: What People Want, How Appstores Got It to Them, and Why (Almost) Everybody Wins

Guest article by Erik Harmon ********** I used to be a gamer. A big-time gamer. How could I not be? I was born at just the right time to be inducted into the second golden age of video games, that … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade: An Analysis

I wrote this article for the intent of creating worthwhile criticism of what is probably the most popular webcomic in existence–gaming or otherwise. I realize that gamers already know everything I’m about to say and non-gamers probably won’t care. People … Continue reading

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