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26 Ridiculous Things People Googled to Find This Stupid Site

26 Ridiculous Things People Googled to Find This Stupid Site I uncover a lot of fascinating things when people use search engines to find my site. From people who don’t know what GameFAQs is to perverted nincompoops who think Wartune … Continue reading

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A Review of Wreck-It Ralph

Nostalgia is a lying whore that tells you that entertainment used to be better, that the world wasn’t always a horrible place where the selfish and cruel get ahead in life, that the evil people you knew growing up weren’t … Continue reading

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Your Video Game List Does in Fact Blow

It’s odd of me to write a response to something without babbling about how the original author is an idiot. But occasionally I see something like this, something which makes me agree entirely with its conclusion. Michael Lowell’s need for … Continue reading

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10 Video Game Memes I Actually Like

A companion article to 10 Irritating Video Game Memes I Never Want to Hear Again, I present the opposite, in roughly chronological order. I love the Power Glove (It’s so bad) The Wizard was a 1989 commercial for Super Mario … Continue reading

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