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Self-Indulgent Nonsense You Can Safely Ignore

I’m out of town now and posting from a public computer, so this is going to be even shorter than my usual succinct style. But a lame update is better than silence, so please indulge me. I wish I could … Continue reading

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The Reptilian Sorcerers of Video Gaming

As webmaster of this prestigious website I have access to all sorts of information about my readership, probably more than people would be comfortable giving out. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics and WordPress Jetpack, I have more viewer secrets … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for Penelope

My niece Penelope needs your help to attend a school for children with autism. If you donate to her cause, my brother Mike Laughead (Whom you may recognize as the creator of my title image) will draw a caricature of … Continue reading

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I Could Never Be a Professional Gamer

I could never be a professional gamer. Not only do they get paid worse than professional anything, (Except teachers; no one gets paid less than teachers.) but they have none of the prestige of other professional competitors. Even pro poker … Continue reading

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