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Probably updating next week

I know I just came back from a despair-fueled six month hiatus, but my father passed away yesterday and I’m traveling back to Iowa to visit my family. He always gave me encouragement and looked up video game stuff for … Continue reading

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Self-Indulgent Nonsense You Can Safely Ignore

I’m out of town now and posting from a public computer, so this is going to be even shorter than my usual succinct style. But a lame update is better than silence, so please indulge me. I wish I could … Continue reading

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The Reptilian Sorcerers of Video Gaming

As webmaster of this prestigious website I have access to all sorts of information about my readership, probably more than people would be comfortable giving out. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics and WordPress Jetpack, I have more viewer secrets … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for Penelope

My niece Penelope needs your help to attend a school for children with autism. If you donate to her cause, my brother Mike Laughead (Whom you may recognize as the creator of my title image) will draw a caricature of … Continue reading

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