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Saints Row IV – Kitchen Sink Gaming

Saints Row IV: Kitchen Sink Gaming Things you can do in Saints Row IV: Use a phallic tentacle bat to kill guys wearing giant pink cat mascot heads while listening to “The Boys are Back in Town“*. Jump across floating … Continue reading

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Devil Survivor: The Best Megami Tensei

Ambivalent About this Series I played Revelations: Persona when it first came out in 1996. I didn’t enjoy it that much; it was far too obtuse and clunky though I enjoyed the concept of collecting monsters for use in combat … Continue reading

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Crystalis: The Second-Best Zelda Clone You’ve Never Played

If you’re the type of person who reads reviews of old NES games, then you’ve certainly played The Legend of Zelda. Who knows? You may even be one of the discerning nerds who wishes the series had continued down the … Continue reading

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10 Pieces of Literature that I Attempt to Create Game Proposals For

There were Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Tom Sawyer games for the NES. Parasite Eve for the PlayStation was based on a novel. Someone relatively recently made a NES-like game out of The Great Gatsby. So here are … Continue reading

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A Review of Fatshark’s Krater

Krater is a 2012 PC game by Fatshark. It’s a cross between Baldur’s Gate and Borderlands (Borderlands itself being a cross between Diablo 2 and Fallout 3). I bought this game because the guy from Penny Arcade mentioned it. Yes, I’m … Continue reading

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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

I love the Dark Sun setting. It takes the standard Tolkien plagiarism that makes up the fantasy genre and just defecates all over it. Gone are the happy elf/dwarf/human versus evil clichés. This is the world of Athas after evil … Continue reading

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