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Why Can’t We Have Nice Controllers?

Why Can’t We Have Nice Controllers? As a fan of the Street Fighter series I wish there were more controllers available that have six face buttons. None of the controllers from major companies and very few third-party controllers have what … Continue reading

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Stupid Crap About the Gaming Industry

A year ago, everyone knew what the best-selling game of 2012 would be. Every Call of Duty game receives more pre-orders than the previous, each one breaks new records, and each one is forgotten in a few months when advertisements … Continue reading

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The ESRB is Stupid

The ESRB is Stupid In an ideal world, parents would be responsible and would watch movies/play games/listen to music with their children so that they can accurately judge this media to determine if they are appropriate entertainment. But this is … Continue reading

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Ramblings: Cheap Flash Games

[oqeygallery id=3]   The other day I was reading about and laughing at FATAL, the horrible tabletop RPG for sociopathic lunatics, because I like to search out the worst things on the internet. I noticed that their website had lapsed … Continue reading

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Your Video Game List Does in Fact Blow

It’s odd of me to write a response to something without babbling about how the original author is an idiot. But occasionally I see something like this, something which makes me agree entirely with its conclusion. Michael Lowell’s need for … Continue reading

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Ramblings: On Control

Unskippable cutscenes, bad escort missions, and most prison sequences all have one thing in common: They take control away from the player and put it in the hands of a RNG or plain old boredom and repetition. This should not … Continue reading

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