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Kingdom Rush & Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!

Kingdom Rush I’ve spoken before about how tower defense games are one of the few genres to work seamlessly with tablet controls due to only requiring one imprecise finger to manage everything. Further experience has proven my initial beliefs correct. … Continue reading

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Fantasy Defense: Pneumonia Edition

Fantasy Defense: Pneumonia Edition While writing this article a couple weeks ago, I was under the impression that touchscreen controls were just terrible. A poor man’s mouse and keyboard. But there is one genre I’ve found they’re pretty good for, … Continue reading

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Fantasica: Soulless Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win Garbage

Fantasica: Soulless Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win Garbage Here’s a working business model: Take the proven success of the hamster wheel method of gaming (slow progression through tedious busywork), add timers to make players come back every day instead of spending a … Continue reading

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A Review of the Bundle Stars ‘Bundle #6 – Catnip’

A Review of the Bundle Stars ‘Bundle #6 – Catnip’ For a change of pace I’m reviewing an indie games bundle that has more than a mayfly’s lifespan left before closing. Check out Bundle Stars for lots of cheap games; … Continue reading

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A Review of the Indie Royale “Debut Bundle”

You know the drill. Go to Indie Royale in the next three days, buy cheap rad games, support poor struggling game developers. Then keep going back for more because their service is great. Here’s my look at the most recent … Continue reading

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